Most of us recognize China as the greatest threat to world peace and individual freedoms of all. China is the most powerful and rich dictatorship of the planet, using technology to eliminate any trace of privacy or freedoms of its inhabitants. And in the words of its own dictator is interested in more than exporting cheap products made with slave labor ... Its also want to export the regime. And for this it counts on the precious help of an authentic army of traitors that counts on their ranks with powerful people from journalists to politicians. After all...China we know now is a product is the betrayal of our rulers, because I still remember the commercial agreements with China that brought misery and unemployment to my country I still remember the law that granted the Chinese merchants five years without paying taxes. And now we have 5G other product of the Chinese dictatorship that beyond being a serious risk to health is the basis for a whole mechanism that will also strip us from all our privacy and freedoms. If we do noting, our children will inherit something that will make Orwell's nightmare looks like a fairy tale.