Dear Senator Cruz, I had 3 pages on Facebook, "US Conservative," "Defiant America," and "The Unhinged Left" and also an Admin on my friend's page "The Conservinator." I had no violations and was meticulous about meeting Facebook community standard rules. My page quality was good with no restrictions and no violations. I did get big reach with my pages, posting memes of political and social issues. "US Conservative" had almost 120K Likes and Followers. I posted a meme that said "Meet the Proud Boys, who Antifa call 'White Supremacists'" on a photo of a group of white and black people who are members of the Proud Boys. I am sure you are aware the smear of the Proud Boys is a lie, they are not White Supremacists or Neo-Fascists as the mainstream media and big tech say they are. Anyhow, Facebook gave me a violation for posting the meme and restricted me from posting on the US Conservative page for 30 days. claiming I posted material promoting a dangerous group or individual. There was no way to dispute it. Then several days later, for no reason, they disabled my account and deleted all of the pages. They have since deleted all of my groups who some of my friends were Admins of. This is nothing but political censorship and meddling in the elections. Facebook is a horrible company and treat their users terribly. They are like an online Communist State! I support anything you do to stop this communist takeover of the Internet. Thank you for your time reading this. Sincerely, XXX XXX (Defiant America)