A msg from one of me Maties 👁 “As we are seeing, the COVID Military operation precedes the financial reset, resulting in a new US/World digital currency. If you are currently a bitcoin trader or hold assets in crypto currencies, liquidate these digital assets and replace them with silver or gold. Food production systems have been halted, transportation of goods has been restricted. People are being divided by religion, political views and now a new identifying moniker, being face masks. We are seeing health issues based on the use of masks which restrict oxygen intake. EMF cellular mutation is being diagnosed as COVID-19. COVID-19 is a hoax, a military strategy designed to lock down the population and remove your natural rights. Think about what has occurred here in our recent history, and realize that the last 2 world wars were simply training operations for what is occurring now. These wars were used to remove traditional medicine, ruling families, monarchies that have existed for a thousand years. These independent nations have been replaced with a corporation called the EU. These techniques have been used to destroy families through currency enslavement, indoctrination and the same religious control structures used by the Roman Empire. “