It is my personal opinion that if you haven't seen this video, you are not qualified to be on the battlefield. Of course there is much more to learn, but this is the very first thing someone should watch in order to be at least slightly aware of what is going on in the world today. Zeitgeist Addendum is the video that gave birth to The Global Zeitgeist Movement and introduced the idea of a Resource Based Economy, for a logical, sane and plausible future for everyone on Earth! This is real Evolution! Also known as Revolution! I DO NOT SUPPORT THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT THAT WAS STARTED AND IS RUN BY PETER JOSEPH! I used to support The Zeitgeist Movement and helped organize and run the 2009 and 2010 Z-Day events in Seattle Wa. I had to stop supporting it when it began to feel like an atheistic, communist cult, telling people what they can and cannot talk about, promote or believe in. I do however support the ideas that Jacque Fresco presented in his model of a resource based economy and the information that is provided in the zeitgeist videos about our current situation, regarding the level of technologies we currently possess and problems we face as a species on Earth. Unlike Peter Joseph and many others in the movement, I see no need to approach this from a global, all or nothing stand point. The resource based economy can be achieved by any developed country that isn't completely reliant on resources from other countries. The idea of breaking down borders and making us all one country of Earth at this stage of the game seems ludicrous and dangerous, and to me feels like a Jewish, Communist, New World Order takeover! I will have no part of such an undertaking at this time. Perhaps in several decades, after several larger countries have adapted and implemented the resource based economy successfully, something like a global system could be possible, but to attempt something like that now would be extremely naive and foolish. Because of this, I will not promote Peter Joseph's official Zeitgeist Movement website, but I will promote the one I have created, which is meant only to educate people to the problems we face and the possibilities available to us.