Thank you to all my subscribers,reminders and upvoters. Never thought i would see so much activity so soon, as a newbie to this particular form of Social Media. Thank you! "Edit: I have noticed that a few people have given me tokens. I cannot thank you enough and i try to use them to amplify / boost along with the organic tokens i earn to boost others content and my own that i think is worty of being shown to people. I thank you all,each and every one, and hope that you agree with the choices of boosted content i have made. I owe you more than i can currently repay..but i am very thankful. End of edit." Also find me on twitter: Edit - no more ,permabanned cause i called a liberal a cunt and told him to grab his skirt and fuck off and got mass reported. No longer active, no desire to return to twitter either. Parler: Also find me on a freshly launched patriot website; Link takes you to the mission statement. I can be found in the forums as FreeRangeHuman. It's brand new,take a look see if its for you and help get it active and running and connecting patriots and concerned citizens! Shortened Bio: Former Counter Special Forces Jaeger. Former HUMINT graduate,1 year Military University. Ex- Private (non military) Security. Setting up accounts to prepare for the launch of an online business in 3 months. End of Bio. I encourage you to check out and expand my personal Biography to the right,if you wish to know more regarding what i am about and not just what i used to do in a very general way that does not tell you very much. I look forward to learning more about how to leverage social media for individual connections aswell as greater reach, learn the different sites alghorhitms to be better prepared when its time to set up an online presence for my business. Which i hope to be good to go in January or at the latest ,early week february. These personal accounts will of course remain and be my personal presence and my continous learning experience. I have no plans to shut any of them down or disconnect from the awesome people i interact with. Sincerely, Jon Kovach. Aka "FreeRangeHuman". Aka Bob Arctor.