Walter Wallace Jr Here's the "hero" of the "communerty:" * 27...with nine children. We're sure he supported all of them adequately *First Arrested at age of 13 for beating teacher * in 2013 pled guilty to assault and resisting arrest after hitting a police officer * Four years later he pled guilty to robbery, assault, and possessing an instrument of crime after kicking down the door of a woman and putting a gun to her head * another dozen arrests in intervening years * another musical "artist" who rapped about shooting police officers and other people. This was the third time in a single day that PPD had responded to calls about him. Following extensive looting, thirty injured cops and ninety or so arrests, eleven other people were shot, mostly after they looted stores and someone else robbed them - which we find darkly ironic. So looting, shooting, burning and destruction might be an appropriate legacy for someone who contributed nothing to society and almost as much to Philadelphia.  Second City Cop