Are you Kidding me Right now...Didn't Obama say it would never be 3%...Let alone in the 30's...Unheard of. If you'd like more of this...Then, We'd all better be Sure to Vote for President Trump... Guaranteed Biden Will NEVER EVER see numbers like this, on Purpose, as he is sold out to ChYna...You would be lucky to hit Obama's 3% projection. No, No, No wait...I know...This is because of Obama's economy... Right...Din't he just say that a couple of days ago...again... Not a Chance Beijing Barry...We're doing Everything COMPLETELY OPPOSITE of Barrack Hussein and that is why we are seeing SUCCESS. If you wanna keep on Breaking Records and Making History...President Trump is our man... 4 More Years -- 4 More Terms - 4 More Years 😉 (Jus'checkin' if you're payin' attention) Biden Should be DISQUALIFIED...He is Compromised... "Still, while the economy recovered a large portion of outbreak-related losses, it remains below pre-pandemic levels. “The rebound in Q3 GDP must be viewed in the context of the expectation that the full year will likely still see a contraction, once the final figures are in,” senior economic analyst Mark Hamrick said in a statement to The Epoch Times. Market analyst Sven Henrich noted in a tweet: “33.1 [percent] GDP. Congrats. 45.7 [percent] was needed to break even,” adding in a separate message, “Still 3/4 of a million claims.” Henrich was referring to a separate report from the Labor Department on Oct. 29 (pdf) that showed 751,000 people filed for state unemployment benefits in the week ending Oct. 24, a drop of 40,000 from the previous week and the lowest since the pandemic delivered its colossal blow to the economy beginning in March. Weekly jobless claims hit a record 6.867 million in March and, aside from several upticks, have fallen ever since. Still, they remain above their 665,000 peak seen during the 2007–09 Great Recession. Also, just over half of the 22.2 million jobs lost during the pandemic have been recouped."