So I decided to block another person today because they have been a friend of mine, or so I thought, for several months now and they text me on my phone and spend time with me on the phone and I asked them today to send me a few bucks so I can get some smoke cuz I'm feeling bad and normally a friend would say sure but instead my friend said he only gives money to his girlfriends and to me that sounds like prostitution LOL yes I know it is wrong for me to ask for money but I help people all the time and I help animals all the time and I was cleaning house for little Grandma's before the stupid fake virus shut down my world! All the little grandmas are scared they're going to die and they won't let me work and all I did was ask for a little help and he treats me like a piece of s*** instead of saying I really wish I could help but I'm low on cash or something like that LOL the only words out of his mouth was I only give money to my girlfriends and to me that sounds like a prostitute LOL just saying LOL so y'all let me have it! Give me your opinion on this