I'm truly disgusted with these Democrats, who are bank-rolled by Big Tech & censor the POTUS & other conservative/libertarian voices yet let dictators speak. Jack Dorsey, Steve Zuckerberg & Sundar Pichai need to be fined and imprisoned for subverting "free speech" in the U.S.A and the Democrats, who supported this need to be investigated monetarily, fined, tried for Treason & Sedition. Brother's Keeper do you approve? Mr President, your not going to have a fair election, despite the internal polls and the large crowds that you draw supporting you. It's very important that you declare the Insurrection Act and round up these people who destroy the rule of law, subvert free speech & use RICO laws to do so. The American People are being muzzled by these organizations that are getting tax payer money and free speech protections under law. This is racketeering.