"As we all know, the fiercest zealots of antiracism—our new state religion—have been pulling down and defacing statues of historical figures who were not believers. October 11th in Portland, Oregon they pulled down a statue of Abe Lincoln, presumably because he wasn't antiracist enough. Scholars of the Christian religion in the Middle Ages had similar issues with what they called "virtuous pagans." The problem they wanted to solve was: What is the fate, in the Afterlife, of people like Aristotle and Cicero, who lived virtuous lives before the coming of Christ? Not having been able to receive Christ's message through having been born too early, they couldn't be admitted to Heaven; but plainly they didn't deserve the torments of Hell. They were virtuous pagans. I don't know enough about theology to tell you what majority opinion among the scholars settled on, but I do know that Dante put these virtuous pagans in Limbo, the first circle of Hell. They weren't tortured, but they were sad and gloomy. Heaven was nearby, but they weren't allowed to enter. Can't the theologians of antiracism come up with something similar for figures like Abraham Lincoln, who did their best to live good lives but couldn't come up to the woke standard because they lived before Ibram X. Kendi's revelation? Just a suggestion." - John Derbyshire https://vdare.com/radio-derb/trump-drops-the-ball-fourth-industrial-revolution-sf-s-caren-law-and-defund-npr-etc#05d