Hypocritical Moronic Cunt!

This woman is clueless and is more concerned about selling her t-shirts than learning and sharing the truth. She blocked me right away. She's also a hypocrite who doesn't know anything about the history of capitalism, or just doesn't give a damn. She acts like Rockefeller's crimes and other capitalist crimes were never committed, yet they used some of the most ruthless and violent policies to achieve their goals, all in the name of capitalism! FUCK THIS MORONIC CUNT! I wish people would stop supporting her and idiots like her. Her words: "They claim they want "worker-owned" and "worker-managed" resources, but fail to realize that WHAT is being produced and for WHO is always a unique decision that cannot be voted on by all people for all features without creating serious conflict. So what happens, there ends up being "managers" and "rulers" who set what the production will be. Ironically, bringing hierarchy and mass violence to enforce the production parameters." This sounds more like capitalism than socialism to me!