"Imagine for a moment that you’re Disney. In January of 2020, everything was going exceedingly well. The company had never been bigger, stronger, or more prosperous. Bob Iger was still the CEO, selling a book about how great he had been, and declaring that Shanghai Disney was the most important piece of real estate since the company purchased Walt Disney World in Florida. Literally everything about the company except for Lucasfilm and ESPN were red hot incredible. Then the pandemic hits, a virus that escaped communist China. Suddenly the film industry is annihilated. Theme parks all over the world are shut down. Disney’s revenue stream is completely dry except for Disney+, which cost such a fortune to start that it will take years before it recoups its investment. America and China enter into a soft cold war, risking your multi-billion dollar investment in Asian theme parks should you say one wrong thing. One wrong word and the Chinese government can take away billions of assets in a second. Iger was tasked with getting the NBA to Walt Disney World in order to keep WDW profitable. The deal was made, but the NBA’s public approval tanked due to their own connections with the Chinese Communist Party and divisive social justice causes. Disney needed to get films out, but one of the only films they could move to either theaters or streaming was a movie literally created within miles of concentration camps. Meanwhile, the company clamped down on attendance at WDW far longer than was economically wise, just so California would be more likely to open up Disneyland. That didn’t happen. So, things have not been going swimmingly." https://redstate.com/jenvanlaar/2020/10/28/ongoing-disneyland-closure-estimated-to-cost-orange-county-33000-jobs-n268822