Why The TV is a Pied Piper of Doom Did the TV tell you that your pension funds only have the funds to pay less than half the government or corporate pension obligations? Did the TV tell you that inflation is currently at about 8% and rising, which means when you leave your money in your bank this year, it loses 8% of its value........or more? This means government and corporate employees, if they happen to get their pension, will have the spending power of their pension cut in half in only 7 years! That's your own government doing that to you! Why the loyalty? Did the TV tell you that Bitcoin has outperformed all stock market indexes for return on investment, providing a safe hedge against inflation and the devaluation of your paper currency? If you keep your money in Bitcoin and transfer it back into your bank account when you need it, you'll make money and maintain the value/spending power of what you saved. When you leave your money in your bank account, you are losing money. Did the TV tell you that governments around the world are including deaths by all causes in COVID death counts, when COVID wasn't the cause of death? Did the TV tell you that the inventor of the RT-PCR assesment for COVID infection testified that "there's a little bit of everything in everybody" and that his test only amplifies said material to any quantity the testing station is set for......meaning at higher amplifications the RT-PCR process can make anyone look infected with absolutely anything, when they're perfectly healthy. People aren't asymptomatic, they're not sick. The RT-PCR process is being abused through its amplification mechanism, to make one molecule of pathogenic material look like a tractor trailer load of pathogenic material. Karen and Kevin TV Watcher of course don't know any of this because their God (the TV) doesn't tell them purposely and this is why Karen and Kevin TV Watcher are walking into the biggest ambush in recorded history. Anyone watching and believing the TV will have no money, no health and no way out in the next 12 months.