People have told me that freedom is good until it limits the freedom of others. I agree, but let's see how that plays out for people who love being free. Your freedom to be complacent, apathetic, dependent on government and corporations to merely survive empowers the corrupt to limit my own freedom. Should I choose to stand against a corrupt establishment, I am prevented from having gainful employment, a place to live, food in my belly, freedom to travel unobstructed, freedom to speak or share without being censored; in fact, zero freedom to do anything at all without obtaining permission from the masters that you choose to be so dependent upon. So by your own standards, you, your precious governments, and corporations have far exceeded the acceptable limitations of freedom, and need to be completely reeled back in, so as not to effect the freedom of others. You are free to be apathetic, but keep it to yourself. Don't advocate for your cause of "apathy for all" through your own devoted participation in authoritarianism.