Another great hero for the black community So we saw the video of the knife wielding almost-assassin in Philadelphia the other day. He chased officers around a vehicle before being justifiably shot. The usual riots then ensued over a multiple convicted felon, with the ignorant masses claiming Officers should have used non-lethal methods when being confronted by lethal force - which is contrary to all training and all existing state law in all 50 states. Here's the "hero" of the "communerty:" 27...with nine children. We're sure he supported all of them adequately; in 2013 pled guilty to assault and resisting arrest after hitting a police officer; Four years later he pled guilty to robbery, assault, and possessing an instrument of crime after kicking down the door of a woman and putting a gun to her head; another dozen arrests in intervening years; another musical "artist" who rapped about shooting police officers and other people. This was the third time in a single day that PPD had responded to calls about him.