A message to the maskers; in response to what seems to be your two main arguments why everyone should be masking up, and that people who believe there is an alarmist reaction to the common cold are conspiracy theorists; that they must not care about the well-being of others: It is you that have fallen into believing conspiracy theories, by only researching as far as what the liberal-biased media, and corrupt politicians have told you via a massive propaganda campaign. Do some actual research from credible sources (yes you will have to dig, due to the ongoing censorship of truth), and you will discover that a widespread hoax has been perpetuated against you and most of the population in the world. It is no conspiracy theory. It is a conspiracy. It is you that must not care about the well-being of others, as the impacts of the draconian measures "in response to the coronavirus" scandal, have major health impacts that make the virus itself seem minor in comparison. The results of the doom-and-gloom fear campaigns, enforced masking, lockdowns, economic shutdowns, lack of access to medical care, among other tactics will result in deaths of tens of millions of people. Those impacts will disproportionately effect the poor and people of color. It is apparent that you are unwilling to actually consider the truth about the PCR scandal, and the actual impacts of the authoritarian mandates. If you truly cared about others, rather than clinging to the lies you believed, you would not only do research, but you would never advocate for masks or mandates again. If you really cared, you would fight them with all your power.