Writers notes (Art provided by my son, without permission, of which i will get flak for)

As per request, i will once again try to compose my thoughts,  into comprehensive text, in this virtual void. Maybe someday, i will produce a sentence or a masterpiece (unlikely, although i and others find some of my written thoughts very good), which will then spark another thought - and if we are lucky, some form of action, towards the betterment of humankind. What that is of course, is in everyones own decision and perspectives vary greatly.  I am a writer - not by profession, obviously, as anyone with a literary degree - or without one - must have already figured out and i haven't tried to conceal my real trade, master of liquid transferrance at any point - although i have never published anything. Will i ever, i don't know, as the process requires time and tenacity - and a certain trait i do not possess, rigorous studuying. I don't want to say i dislike reading, but my mind tends to wonder off as i do it, making it often difficult to finish the book or research.  There are, of course, different ways to study or research, mine being observation of events and their interpretation, often lacking the substance needed to create a fully developed thought - i can't  think of everything, you know? It's often conceptual, and apparently difficult to follow, for many people. I call it a schizophrenic writing style. I think of the subject often as i am writing it, trusting my own gut feeling to produce the right set of words for others to evaluate. My grammar - and my "reality" of things - often make my writings perhaps incomprehensible, and people today want everything fast and in a compacted form - simple, effective and fast. Sorry, but this not a one liner - even if i do believe Einstein's famous words: "If you cant say it simply, you don't understand it well enough." holds some truth.  Writing, in my opinion, is one of the more difficult arts - not comparing, mind you - as the words have set definitions. People tend to argue a word rather than the concept behind the writing, which is understandable. A misspelled word can change the whole substance, and not being a literary expert or even native speaker in english, tends to cause schisms. I like english language - always have and i am very good at it - as it flows more naturally to me than my native tongue, however lacking in refined nuances it might seem to a native speaker. I apologise - well,not really - for any loud wailing or teeth gnashing my writings might cause.  If you like what i am saying, please contribute in comments, like or dislike - even share, if you both managed to read this far and found the text in some way  worthwhile.  Thank you and until we meet again,  thatonefinnishguy  P.S. For a writer, the feedback is everything, although i cannot guarantee i actually change my style. I do like to converse on various topics, opionated as i am, but i always enjoy to find new perspectives - even when i disagree or question yours, initially.