Headle: "Police chief tells public it is your 'civic duty' to report neighbours who are breaking coronavirus lockdown rules" No, it's not a ''civic duty'' to do any such thing. It's not your 'civic duty' to do anything. I myself, do not recall binding myself to any such civic obligation. The same goes for medical dictats from ''health hexperts'' for wearing face-huggers 24/7. All of these ''rules' (games have rules) and ''regulations' (which apply expressly only upon corporations/persons) are not law. They are 100% unlawful, so by fact, no civic duty is imposed upon anyone to do anything. Face-Huggers have now gained the character of a local authority byelaw that you are somehow liable for (in a civil manner) financial penalties for non -compliance. One may ask a constable or some legal enforcer of fines "Is it Civil or Criminal?" I have no civic duty to assist the Police Service either. I have no civic obligation imposed upon me to do any such thing, and the Police Service cannot impose a medical requirement. The policeman or woman have no remit to act in any medical capacity whatsoever. Upon that oath police constables take, a constables' primary duty is to "keep the King's peace" (ergo, quell violence, keep good public order).. not to arbitrarily perform some quasi medical role under the guise or premise of a hoax and a deception. "Mr Cooke said: 'People are doing a civic duty in contacting us for the right reasons.". When it's a fraud, there are no right reasons because the reasoning is flawed. Not when the entire foundational premise is based upon a con and a fraud - in the form of CoronEbola - upon the people. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8890665/Police-chief-tells-public-report-neighbours-breaking-coronavirus-lockdown-rules.html