With Lucifer proudly on show right there in the Vatican and having a room completely dedicated to his/her worship down under St Peters Basilica..is it any wonder that the apostate Catholic Church indulges in Satanic/Luciferian rituals at every turn? To my knowledge the Catholic Church has never denied being corrupt/evil. Lets take it back shall we to the Papal Bull which is called "Unum Sanctum" and was written out by Pope Pontifus 1st and lays a claim to all the world..its property..the people..and our souls...then it was sealed with a high luciferian black majick ritual and hidden away in the Vatican Vaults. Can you see now why its so important for us as humans to declare ourselves as #Sovereign and #Free individuals and to renounce any/every piece of dark majick that may have been practiced unkowingly to us in our names? Can you see how blatantly they parade their Boy Lover pedophile symbolism on their garb? Can you see how far from worshipping Christ...they are actually a Satanic Cult that has its roots in many of the Pagan gods like Dagon(Annunaki fish god)and Ishtar(Babalonian fertility godess)? They persecuted millions of innocent people for the "crimes" of witchcraft whilst they secretly sat in the darkness doing the high level dark rituals themselves. They are ran by the Black Nobility/Jesuit Order which is possibly the most powerful NWO faction and is certainly one of the most nefarious...they work together hand in glove with Rothschild Zionists to bring about their NWO. And last but not least...did you know that in order to become an ordained Satanic Priest...you first have to be an ordained Catholic Priest? Satanism is just inverted Catholicism...fact...the rituals are identicle. Holy Mass ~ Black Mass Sabbath Day ~ Black Sabbath Holy Cummunion ~ Inverted Cummunion Taking of the body of Christ ~ Blood Drinking