Hope is a dangerous thing. If you put a frog suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out immediately and escape death, but if you put it in warm water and then gradually increase the temperature to a boiling point, the frog will not perceive the danger. It will remain in its comfort zone hoping that things will soon go back to normal. The frog will boil himself to death hoping things will go back to normal. It'll cook itself to death. That's how dangerous hope is. And that's why politicians use this tactic against the masses. Politicians are aware of the inability or unwillingness of people to react or be aware of sinister threats that arise gradually rather than suddenly. Politicians know how to trick a population into accepting their doom by bringing it upon them slowly rather than suddenly. Human beings will always resist sudden death but will welcome a slow death that takes decades, such as the death delivered by smoking or eating junk food or drinking alcohol. The boiling frog has become a darling tactic for all governments because it always works. Take the COVID19 scamdemic, for example. When it first started, American politicians reared their ugly heads and announced a nationwide closure of the economy for ONLY two weeks. These two weeks turned into 4 then to 8 then to 20, and now it has been over 8 months of the shitshow and nothing changed except the complacency of the sheeple of the world. #TheBoilingFrog #TheBoilingFrogFable #BoilingFrog #Scamdemic #Scamdemic2020