Inktober - Day 26

Entry 26: So, apparently Owen is a scout for a small local settlement, meaning he is familiar with the area. The bad news, his settlement was recently attacked. He was only traveling by day because he was far enough out that he thought it was likely safe. Fetch is refusing to leave Clem, Owen is refusing to abandon his group. The result, now the four of us need to #hide during the day and travel at night to avoid any potential danger. We aren't headed back to the settlement. Owen was scouting ahead to make sure the escape route his group chose was still clear, now we are heading to a designated meet up point. Fetch and I certainly aren't slowing us down. If anything, traveling together means we travel faster, even if only at night, as one pair can watch and hunt while the other sleeps. Not going to lie, it is utterly bizarre to have someone to watch my back and travel with that is human. I'm not used to it. I mean, I don't fully trust Owen, but he hasn't given me a reason to distrust him. Still haven't dropped my guard, but I'm hoping that maybe it won't just be Fetch and Clem who are friends, eventually. #art #myart #inktober2020 #inktober