THE JUDAS ON THE SUPREME COURT A critical decision just came out from SCOTUS, 9 PM Eastern US time October 28, 2020, regarding North Carolina and potential electoral fraud there by the crime syndicate (the "democrat party"). Justice B. Kavanaugh - along with the Bush guy (a conservative turned liberal some time ago) J. Roberts - sided with the three liberals in a 5 - 3 decision allowing the democrat electoral commission in North Carolina to keep counting votes for nine days after the election and without supporting verifying signatures on the ballots. This SCOTUS decision sets a precedent that may open the floodgates for electoral fraud and a corrupt current as well as future general election(s). For details on this extremely critical decision, see reference under comment 1 below. The 10/28/2020 North Carolina decision by SCOTUS is a direct message to the GOP: not only there will not be a decision favoring conservatives by SCOTUS, if the November 3rd 2020 election results end up there; but furthermore, that they (the conservatives) should not (broadly speaking) expect a conservative switch within SCOTUS after the Amy Coney Barrett appointment. In fact to the contrary, they should expect the SCOTUS to adopt a liberal approach to their decision-making process, if not a straight out switch. Moreover, this landmark decision highlights and confirms what I have written here in this Minds page before. The reader can find a set of Notes by me on Kavanaugh by checking prior posts on this page. Namely, that justice B. Kavanaugh is shaping up to be a traitor to conservatives. I expressed this view first, when I listened carefully to the support that senator S. Collins (the RINO from Maine) gave Kavanaugh on the Senate floor during his confirmation hearing. My antenna about the true colors of Kavanaugh went up, after listening to her and her arguments as to why she was going to support his nomination. Amazingly, and in spite of all the trouble conservatives went through to support Kavanaugh's nomination, confirmation process, and final appointment, by fighting the neo-commies of the fascist left that opposed him so viciously by defaming him in from of a worldwide (not simply a US) audience, he finally decided to switch and become a liberal on the Supreme Court, together with his ideological buddy, J. Roberts. In a final analysis, the crime syndicate might not have to "pack the court" after all. They apparently already have a 5 - 4 majority, and depending on N. Gorsuch's votes they may even reach a 6 - 3 majority. How ironic! One would have thought that, with Amy Coney Barrett joining the SCOTUS, it would had been a solid conservative 6 - 3 majority. How disappointing to conservatives this course of events is proving out to be, not to use a heavier characterization. The source of the post's photo at the top is found in reference under comment 2 below.