I think I know what's wrong with the world. Everyone is on social media run by Californians. Californians in tech are toxic people, hateful and spiteful little creatures, at least the ones making these sites a hell hole are. But they're also an inevitability but that's a topic for another day. What these lovely people found out a way of doing was making a system where the exact conditions of their spiteful nature were replicated algorithmically. They essentially made a tool that turns the entire world into a shitty Californian hipster who hates "big money" but buys Starbucks and loves gay rights but actively insults gay people who vote Trump all day. It's like a virus, in fact in terms of infectiousness it may actually serve as one. Thank god for Bill Ottman and the developers of minds, honestly. This place has kept me sane and free of their mind parasitism.