I used to have a job doing second or third level IT support for a large corporation. In their infinite wisdom the company limited the access for their desk side support staff. The result of this was that when the problem resolution required advanced workstation changes, a network/server change, or even a re-installation of an application, you would have to call another support team to assist. It was a stupid system, but that isn't really my point. This particular team was staffed by people of varying skill levels. The guy I preferred to deal with was sort of a prick. He was arrogant, a bit of a blow-hard, and well qualified. If you were concise and knew what you were talking about, you could tell him the problem, and your proposed solution, and the issue would be resolved in only a few minutes. Most people avoided dealing with him because of his inherent rudeness. I didn't care though. He was actually fairly civil to me (within his perceived limitations), and he wasn't there to win a popularity contest but to get the job done. I'm not sure why, but I'm reminded the U.S. elections are next week.