The establishment never questioned the equivalent for black face for women when trannies, most of which caricature women in the vilest way imaginable, were allowed to show their exaggerated poses, looks and send-ups of women. But when it comes to children.... if I saw a tranny within 100m of my child I would remove him from immediately. Fortunately I don't have children, but you might...... #protectyourkids #stopdsexualisingchildren #banthetrannyfromkids rom #binary Just when we all thought we could talk about something other than Drag Queen Story Time… It seems some politicians can only learn things the hard way. Drag Queen Story Time is now being promoted as a huge attraction at South Australia’s biggest children’s festival next week. Promoted to kids as young as 0-8 years old, it’s funded by the South Australian Liberal government and will be held at the State Library. Helena, this is state-sponsored radical gender indoctrination – plain and simple. Gender benders will stop at nothing to normalize transgenderism and they’re using our kids and taxpayer dollars to do it. And for the sake of our children’s innocence, we can’t miss this opportunity to protest such overt brainwashing of vulnerable kids into the transgender agenda. So please take action today by signing this petition calling on the South Australian Liberal government to cancel Drag Queen Storytime. It is so important we send the South Australian Liberal government a strong message they won’t forget. Together, we can be a voice for Australia’s children.