My Husband likes to watch tv for a bit after he gets home from I watch a show with him at night...whatever he decides on, as I have no opinion about television. Well tonight he chose this show called "This is Us" which is on the networks...We have watched it together in the previous seasons... Well tonight's show opens with them pushing the Covid thing with face masks and hand sanitizer, taking things off at the door, quarantining...I sit quietly as I can, trying to keep my mouth shut so he can enjoy the show, but my brain is going into hyperdrive over all the programming... AND Then They brought Up the George Floyd... That was it...I told him I had ta go...I was biting my tongue as long as I could but once the George Floyd stuff came on...That was way too much for me not to say something. I knew I could not make it the whole show without interjecting the truth...So here I sit and Minds...Phew! Why do entertainers/celebrities have to ruin entertainment by adding in politics...I just wanted to be entertained...Not Brainwashed...The tv is so bad...I swear that is our biggest issue... BTW...My husband knows...He is a Logical man...He tells me "It's just a show hunny"...It is...but I'll pass.