I have caught grief for supporting many. So let's clear the air. I do and always have supported Bowl Patrol, Cantwell, and Anglin to name some of the more Notorious, as well as many others. I don't care about the petty personal nonsense among others - only the content and message. If you hate BowlPatrol thats, not my problem. You dislike Cantwell fine I don't care. Think Anglin is Fed so be it. Yet, all three have contributed treasure coves of content - which is a lot more than can be said of the 90% of everyone else that makes these pathetic attacks against them. Let alone the disastrous attacks against one another over ridiculous stupidity. I must state I prefer Christogenea above all else - not just because I am Christian but because Christogenea has the most solid content and accurate information - while staying out of duels of war among brothers. Yet, I catch the same grief from mostly Pagan brothers and sisters for advocating Christogenea also. Point and case. So let's clear the air. I have stated time and time again I don't even care if it is Feds/Mossad. Use your heads and decide that for yourself. The entire goal is to take back control of our military(operations)to gather intel(intelligence gathering) - to control our economy once again(banking) - to pass our legislation to restore order(law enforcement) - and to remove traitors and enemies(Legal system). This is impossible being anti-government, I believe in Order in which this Kikery in place masquerading as government has no sense of what the word Order even means, what you expect from a bunch of weak sodmite faggots and mongrels? Just because Hatelab says "RaceWar" don't go off the rails trying to be Nicholas Cage(it takes an army.) Or if Anglin says "Its habbening" suddenly go be an army of one and participating in actions which serve no purpose other than turning our own against us due to irrational, stupid counter-productive campaigns that achieve nothing whatsoever. You do not become a Saint simply for pretending to be Roof, you become a Saint for sending a message that resonates for reasons that are beneficial, for the love of your people and not some half baked stupid idea you got from a meme. If you come across someone offering you an arsenal, or funding, or even guidance in terror than you are doing it wrong and most likely part of a sting operation. We are Farmers and Blue Collars - not bankers and weapon dealers. If you need to be told this than you have alot of growing up to do and alot more to read and learn. However, I in noway attempt to de-radicalize people from the truth in all its forms nor do I seek to undermine anyone with their heart in the right place. I do however insist not to become a female and let your emotions get the best of you. As the Lord gave you a brain to use and the hands to build & manifest the path we all walk. Emotions are good and healthy IF you don't let them control you. Yet, all the grief I catch from all sides - Pro-Whites and Anti-Whites alike seem to be those that are traitors among us, cant do rights, freaks, and our racial enemies. The only thing that comes out of these grief bringers is the destruction of anything good, confusion, and sabotage. To them I say stop being jews and start being human beings. Stop destroying each other over childish nonsense and trivial bs. I hate Libertarians for this very reason. The every man for himself, individuality, never work together, but somehow everyone together individually be together mentality does not build Empires and western civilization. It creates exactly what we have today shitskin cesspools. Help one another and a house and family each is the reward. Or spend all Winter by yourself in the snow on your meager funds and good luck getting the the walls up before the snowstorm. Take a lesson from the Amish! This is the message each should be preaching. This is the message of everyone listed and many, many, many more. Why is it the campaign to destroy them from within, identical from the darkie kikes on the outside? If you Prowhite than start acting like it. Stop acting like a bunch of chimps and jews throwing poo at each other and burning each other down like a city where a nigger life matters.