My assessment of social media platforms from best to worst... 1.) MEWE -- This platform has the most privacy features, with the least censorship, and no advertisements. It's the ultimate anti-Facebook platform. More people should ditch Facebook for this one. 2.) MINDS -- This platform has very little privacy features, but probably the least censorship and the most free-speech options. It's great if you like posting things publicly for all the world to see. More people should ditch Twitter for this one. 3.) PARLER -- This platform is basically a Twitter clone, but with a longer character limitation. It's more friendly to conservative users, but still leaves room for censorship. Parler is a step-up from Twitter, but is inferior to Minds. 4.) TWITTER -- This is a totally public platform with a very short character limit. It has been widely known for censorship, mostly aimed at conservative users, but it's not as bad as Facebook -- yet. 5.) FACEBOOK -- This has been the gold-standard of social media for about a decade, with layers of privacy protection from other users, combined with a wide-audience reach. However, Facebook is loaded with advertisers, which it sells your information to, and has become the worst offender for censorship, mostly directed at conservative users.