A-wigglin and a-gigglin and a-bakin a pie Song for Odin time, ladies and gentlemen and otherwise, and I figure since I already posted the A side earlier this week (see link in notes below) I might as well do the B side. And here it is, the newly mastered "New Girlfriend" from the Sounds Rad re-issue of the "Alternative Is Here to Stay" re-issue: https://youtu.be/uGzwQwPrRZw The "dibs" emails went out on Monday and the response has been great, so thanks very much for that, everyone. My understanding is that the actual pressing is happening today, if it hasn't already happened. These will go out mid-November. (The official release date is November 12.) This is for the limited "de-luxe" version with the custom box and etc. -- stay tuned for more news on the subsequent less "luxe" pressing to come. If there are any left after the "dibs" smoke has cleared, Sounds Rad is going to offer them to the general public for pre-order, while they last, first come first served beginning Friday, Oct. 30. The general public: that means you, probably. Here's that link: https://www.soundsradical.com/store/c44/alternativeisheretostay This is your last chance. Countdown! "New Girlfriend" was a Song for Odin once before back in April, 2019 (see link in notes below) and here's a snip of what I said back then: 'This has always been among the most crowd-pleasing songs, for reasons that aren't hard to fathom: it's short, to the point, catchy, energetic, silly, funny, and just ever so slightly... edgy, un-PC, I suppose you'd say. Like "Will You Still Love Me When I Don't Love You," "God Bless America", and (believe it or not) "Mr Ramones" this song was originally a throwaway tune to play solo during a broken string break on stage just so there was something to do instead of, or in addition to, just standing around awkwardly.' Also, as the post notes, it was the first song where I was allowed to have the guitars as loud as I wanted them. "Objectionable" lyrics could have that effect, kind of a symbiosis I suppose. So yeah, I love the guitar sound, and I love it even more in the re-master. It's a great vinyl cut as well: the sound just explodes out of the speakers. You'll see what I mean when you get one. Can't think of much to add to that right now, and I gotta run anyway. I hope you all have a great Hallowe'en and such. notes: -- that previous Song for Odin write-up for "New Girlfriend": https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/962733212796628992?referrer=frankportman -- more on the the re-issue, from a SfO post on "Alternative Is Here to Stay": https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1163157766167347200?referrer=frankportman -- "Alternative Is Here to Stay" re-mastered test pressing on YouTube: https://youtu.be/fHP5BgVvWmo -- that Sounds Rad "general public" link again: https://www.soundsradical.com/store/c44/alternativeisheretostay -- Sounds Rad "featured products" page: https://www.soundsradical.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html -- Songs for Odin playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLommF46BbnATopffORs0YkspebJHka2o_ #music #songs #video #product #minds