It was not too many years ago when I was very worried that the EU was going to move forward with their plans to make Turkey a member state. It has been quite some time since I heard that kind of absurd talk. -Mr EntryReqrd Turkey’s Erdogan Calls For Boycott Of French Goods Over ‘Islamophobic’ Response To Teacher’s Beheading Erdoan: “Europe is preparing its own end with its front against Muslims.” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday called for a boycott of French goods over the country’s response to a school teacher’s beheading in Paris. “Never give credit to French-labelled goods, don’t buy them,” he said in a televised speech. “I am calling to all my citizens from here to never help French brands or buy them.” Erdogan’s Illegitimate Islamaphobic Claims The Turkish leader accused French President Emmanuel Macron of ‘Islamophobia’ and mental derangement. “What problem does this person called Macron have with Muslims and Islam? Macron needs treatment on a mental level,” the Turkish president said. Muslims in France were now “subjected to a lynch campaign,” he claimed. “European leaders should tell the French president to stop his hate campaign. Erdogan also warned Europe of impending doom as it stands up to Islamism. “We are confronted daily with new and concerning signs of rising Islamophobia in Europe,” he said. “If they aren’t rid of this disease as soon as possible, it will collapse all of Europe from within.” --Turkey's Erdogan Calls For Boycott Of French Goods Over 'Islamophobic' Response To Teacher's Beheading -- -RETRIEVED-Wed Oct 28 2020 19:19:08 GMT+0100 (Central European Standard Time)