CHAOS IN THE STREETS AS SECOND LOCKDOWN BEGINS! - THIS IS ALL A LIE! - WE NEED TO STAND UP NOW! 41 mins Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the fall of modern civilization as we see the beginning of the second lockdown that we've been warning about since March. As countless people take to the streets in Italy from Milan to Rome leading to riots over the new lockdown measures, most Americans stay silent as we see more tyrannical restrictions looming. In this video, we break down all of the lies regarding the virus, the effect is has on the poor, the brainwashing, the forced vaccinations, the social credit technocracy and of course the people who are actually standing up against this pure, unrivalled INSANITY. Is anywhere safe in the world right now? #worldalternativemedia #scamdemic #lockdowns #tyranny #standupfightback