A MUST read You do know 5g is active and the smartgrid has been turned on, right? You can hear it in your ears. You can feel it in your mood changes or in your cognitive issues. Maybe in a sudden health shift like motor skill impairment, weakness, headaches, nose bleeds, seizures, upper respiratory issues, bowel distress. One moment you may feel okay and then suddenly you feel stressed, depressed, angry or anxious. Your will may be taxed. Your ego excellerating. Judgment and coldness leading you. Those with unaddressed egos will become colder. Angrier. Dismissive. Lash out. More stubborn. Controlling. Undermining. The more sensitive empaths will feel more sadness. Depression. Feel like giving up. Hopeless. Despairing. The smartgrid frequency is a dirty radiation vibration that destroys natural life but can readily support synthetic life. GMO life. Chemically laden life. Technologically hybridized life. Sentient life cannot survive this shift in radio and micro and nanotech waves. In fact, not only can we not proceed forward in it, our bodies will succumb to it with the EXACT symptoms of the "convexed plandemic" that is manufactured to hide the fact that we are going to die by radiation and nanotech poisoning. Many feel the 5g is not on but thats dreaming. I can feel it way out here in the desert and everytime I have signal problems, 5g is highly activated, we have headaches, my skin is on fire, cognition is impaired, we are foggy, moods fluctuate and nose bleeds occur in my partner due to a staple in his head. Denial is inappropriate now. Refusal to discuss is fear based. Its time to recognize certain truths because few humans will survive the 5g weaponized smartgrid system, the heavy nano spraying in the skies and the RNA vazzeen already being given to humans who are suffering an outcome of death. These words are true. I wish us all love as we are propelled into the Dark Winter that has been hoisted upon us with most huemans oblivious and delusional when it comes to the truth and the reality they are avoiding.