In July of 2019 when I decided to sue Google and YouTube, I never thought that my lawsuit incur many tens of millions of dollars of PR damage on Big Tech that it did. I never thought the censorship discussed primarily in the MGTOW community years ago, would now be one of the most important political issues of our generation that's being publicly discussed just about everywhere. Now I'm in the Court of Appeals, looking back, I'm glad that I chose to take the first step and file my test case. I wonder if I hadn't filed my suit in the way that I did, by challenging Section 230 as unconstitutional, if the American Public would be having these conversations now. I don't think it would. Therefore, I want to thank all the mentally unstable spergs and bitch thinkers who've allowed me to live rent free in their heads for so long, because without their cringey tantrums and false flagging my social media accounts, I may not have been inspired to go after Big Tech in the first place. To those of you spergs responsible: take your meds and get the mental health and drug addiction help you likely still desperately need. That said, I appreciate everyone's support and sharing my content. A year ago, I prophesied my lawsuit would be the beginning of a stream of censorship lawsuits against Big Tech. Today the DOJ and at least 15 other YouTubers have filed similar suits that contain elements of what I included in my initial suit. This is what death by 1000 cuts looks like. Stay strong everyone and remember, by working together, we can save the Constitution and the republic. #MAGA #MGTOW #TrapsAreGhey