I have no backstory for you...Just an image...and a question... Isn't that Quentin Tarantino sucking on some young toes... UPDATE: I was called out for not investigating and making unfounded accusations (although not in those words)...Which is Fair... I explained the bar had been dropped so far by democrats when they investigated our president over fabrications and lies and impeached him over rumor and hearsay and that I really didn't even care if it was accurate or not... But...The Shame of not caring caught up with me and I did investigate... I can confirm that Quinton has a fetish for toes...and these toes apparently belong to a random "woman" according to TMZ...I know, did I just say that...but yeah...It's in the comments if you care. So we can say...He has a foot fetish and the toes may be young but probably not underage.