I found my baby squirrel today and he had just !!! got hit on the side of the road, in front of the lady's house that said she had last seen him and he crawled up her leg and was being very friendly! He got ran over right in front of her house and I picked him up off the side of the road and put him in the grass so he can decompose properly and be one with the Earth again !!!! But I will not lie I have tears in my eyes and I am fighting back crying! He was good little squirrel !!!!and the thing that sucks the most is I don't have any smoke right now because I want to say goodbye to him properly and I am going to go and get my shovel and dig a hole for him and bury him properly and a little bit of smoke sure would help right now! If anyone wants to help donate to my cause please private message me! I am so sad! This is a terrible morning and it started out so good !!!!I took a shower and washed the dishes and took my pup for a long walk and cleaned the bunnies litter box and now I cry I got some bags and I went back to get my baby squirrel and I have him in the house now and I am going to bury him properly! I cannot stop crying! I love that little squirrel so much but you cannot stop the inevitable and I only delayed his passing! I just watched a video yesterday about how you cannot change the past because what is meant to be will be no matter how many times you try to change it and I did delay his death but I gave him the most happy life and he learned what freedom was and to jump through the trees and to meet people in the neighborhood and he brought so much joy to everyone! I cry now