It's Early in the Morning

***-*** Every day seems to be a new day. And not simply "new", but a day where I understand more and more of this world. At first I was angry at the fact that no one could listen, try or attempt at such. It seemed strange that my yearnings, hopes, and wishes were alien to the world. Why would yearnings, hopes and wishes be so alien? I wonder a lot, and I question a lot. It is something unique to me, and common to a child. --- When I interact with children, they ask questions with no hesitation. I discover that I answer these questions with no hesitation, and as a result, many children walk away feeling full of wisdom, understanding and fullness. It is something that gives them comfort of mind, soul and heart. But what seems very strange about this interaction is how children exclaim how they "always" wondered that, or this, and only til I gave them this "answer" did they finally understand. I do not think these people are "not" curious, I only think that these people are comfortable with their not "knowing" or their "lack" of knowing. I have a lot of theories about this kind of interaction, but I do no think I will fully understand what they mean, or at least, not every detail and part. --- Perhaps they have experienced a kind of "angst" of wanting to know, but never having really "known", and as a result, they have settled in a certain existential disdain. An acceptance that begins at a young age, and gnaws at their active and living mind. Slowly trickling down into their heart like the cold melt of a glacier. Eventually this cycle reverses back towards children as a certain window in time. Perhaps this is why "grown" men and women look to having children again? Like having any kind of pet or animal in your home brings you a kind of mental cure that this dead and decaying system tries to capture, fuck and reuse until there is nothing left? Perhaps children are the links in this fence of the new "civil" human being? The only reminder of our humanity is our humanity in its primal urges of creativity, curiosity, and play? Captured, used, fucked in the nuclear household of dying humanity? --- Pull the heat from your children's natural whims as a reminder of your "once upon a time" urges of humanity? Now a commodity, bought used and sold to the wealthy oil burgeons of evil tyranny? Now every scrap of human delight being sucked up, stored away, by any means possible? The ends never stopping beyond your total slavery to a system bent on destroying any remnant of your free, loving, infinite expression of humanity! And now you must remove your facial expressions, as your free expression was the last hurrah, or whatever could get beyond the total fear pulsing behind every thought, emotion or behavior! It is now in total lock down. Humanity, as they see it, cannot be free. Your love, your chi, your soul, was far too valuable to go beyond the clouds. Your soul is far too valuable to venture as far as the stars. Your soul is far too valuable to love itself, let alone, something that reminds you of your own very being! --- So, stay safe my friends. You are far too great to think otherwise. Because we all know, if you break it... you might resolvve its debt and buy it for no price at all. Your souls are too priceless to allow for such dangerous freedom. Be safe, be at peace, and may it rest in peace for all... eternity. Or so they "hope" so... ***-***