Liberals really hate it when you use the facts against them: Stat Guy Strikes Again It helps to have someone interested in the tiny number that run everything. Here are some numbers Groot is using to shut down Chicago: 48 confirmed Covid patients are on ventilators. (10 unconfirmed aka "PUI" Patient under investigation. But let's not count those since they apparently haven't tested positive.) So out of 2,059 ventilators available. That's 3%. 126 ICU beds in use by Covid confirmed patients Out of 1,275 ICU beds available. That's 10% And these ridiculously tiny numbers - not anywhere near overwhelming the system - are what Groot and her staff are using to justify shutting down an already dying economy. Where do these numbers come from? The City of Chicago Data Portal The system isn't anywhere near being overwhelmed. This is just another step in the scam.