We are wasting our time discussing if the coronavirus is real or the lockdowns justified. They are real and justified in terms of the seditious goals of Agenda 21/30. UN Agenda 2030 is the Missing Piece of the Puzzle. It Explains the Mask & Lockdown Insanity, and much more. UN Agenda 21 is the blueprint for such a world. The infrastructure has already been built. (Agenda 2030 is a milestone in Agenda 21 i.e. Century 21.) This is the picture into which all the puzzle pieces fit: Defund the police. Systemic racism. Climate change. Rural fires and displacement. Artificial intelligence. Mass surveillance. Transhumanism. Sustainability. They are all part of the UN Agenda 1984: A world police state. https://humansarefree.com/2020/10/un-agenda-2030-is-literally-agenda-1984.html