Whatever retard at Minds made this hideous comment pop up thing should be blood eagled immediately. Minds keeps getting worse by the day. FYI that Locals platform was started by gay atheist Jew coastal elite pretending to be anti-establishment Dave Rubin and another Israel Jew. Jews literally control 99% of so-called "alt-tech" and BigTech (Google owns YouTube, Android, and was started by two Jews (also current YouTube CEO is Jew Susan Wojcicki), Jew Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook which owns Instagram, Canadian Rebel Media owned by Jew Ezra Levant, Daily Wire owned by Jew Ben Shapiro, Breibart News CEO and co-founder Jew Laurence Gregory Solov, Twitter co-founded by Jew Noah Glass, WhatsUp founded by Jew Jan Koum, Netflix co-founder Jew Marc Randolph, Jew David Karp Founder of Tumblr, Quora founded by Jew Adam D’Angelo, Pinterest co-founded by Jew Ben Silbermann. Mathematically this should be beyond impossible for 2% of our population to own and control almost everything. But that is the core of JQ (Jewish Question) and to NTJ.