I've been awaiting the final arch in Bleach for a while now. It was a subtle anime yet didn't let down the manga fans. They hyped up ' burn the witch' as taking place in the future to bleach so I looked forward to it. It has started out as no bleach and is too childish even for a kid who reads the comics msm left alone. Although the #metoo anime fans that helped blur out hentai , change the subtitles and even the script with narratives that don't exist in the original will probably be pleased with it apart from anything loli related they can get triggered by ; it is no bleach. Before you guys buy your own copy do check it out , it would be nice to know another persons views on it. Well that is unless #NoOneCares to which is fine, just sharing. https://www2.pandanime.co/episode/burn-the-witch-episode-1