Here we are... one week before the election. An election where just a handful of states get the luxury of deciding which of these two will be our president. I am not in one of those states - therefore I can vote for me -- and if you are not in one of those states I highly suggest also voting for me. However, for those in a swing state I hereby give my recommendation of who to vote for - who of these two will lead us towards a better 4 years than the other. So without further ado I give my state specific endorsement - please vote for Joe Biden - ugh --.... ok -- I know minds - I am slated to get 80-90% downvotes for this - so before you too make a move to click me down, here me out. So why senile, corrupt, swampy, and perhaps pedophilic joe? This goes to what I feel is the biggest problem we face in this country - the war between red and blue. The war that keeps families from coming together at thanksgiving. The war that causes people to officially unfriend lost friends they haven't seen in decades. The war that has gridlocked a nation - rendering us incapable of dealing with the challenges of today and much less tomorrow. Of course Joe Biden will not unify the country. Trump will not unify the country either. But the difference and why I choose Joe is in who will be the losing side. If Biden wins, Trump supporters are reasonable people. no riots - heck the police are probably protesting alongside. But if Trump wins - chaos. The left is rabid. The country can't operate with one side punching itself in the face all day. FOUR more years of left lunacy that's what a Trump vote brings. Is that what you want? #BIDEN #Trump #IWANTMYAMERICABACK #MEfor2024