NTD Evening News - 10/27/2020 01:05 SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In 03:30 Senate GOP Celebrate Barrett Confirmation 04:59 Riots in Philly After Shooting Incident 07:18 Trump Speaks at Michigan Rally 09:26 SCOTUS Blocks WI Mail-In Ballot Extension 10:18 Big Tech Back Biden Campaign 12:11 45 Missing Children Rescued 12:58 Democratic Mayor Endorses President Trump 15:58 Zeta Sets Course for US Gulf Coast: NHC 16:47 Colombian Navy Captures Drug-Carrying Sub 18:12 Empty Shops Show China's Economic State 19:16 Chinese Firms Plan to Outsource Production 20:12 390,000 Officials Punished for Corruption 20:57 End CCP Petition Gains 160,000 Signatures 23:01 India and US Cooperating Against CCP 24:30 Biden Makes 2 Campaign Stops in GA 27:42 Hertz Offering Free Rental for Election 28:13 Facebook Tries to Stop NYC Collecting Data 29:32 Grounded Airplane Restaurant Great Success 31:15 Airbnb Sets Stage for Nasdaq Listing 32:24 French Government Considering New Lockdown 34:06 Protests Against Covid Measures in Italy 34:45 Euro Banks Cut Lending With Risky Outlook 35:16 Diamond Factory Takes in War Refugees 36:53 Finnair Sells Airline Meals in Supermarket 37:58 Sailors Prepare to Solo Around-The-Globe 39:46 Boats and Drones Voyage out to Sea 41:17 NASA Finds Water on Moon's Lunar Surface #Riot #MissingChildren #China