Inktober - Day 25

Entry 25: Of all the unlikely things, Fetch made a #buddy today! We chanced upon another dog. I mean, not a feral, but an actual pet dog. She kind of came around a bend on the beach where my view was blocked by dunes. Fetch and her had that stiff sniff each other 'I don't know you, should I like you' moment, and then they were off to the races chasing each other in the waves. Her owner rounded the bend not long after, but since Fetch and his dog were already playing, kind of smoothed things over between us humans. Fetch's new girlfriend is named Clementine, but her owner, Owen, just calls her Clem. Owen and I tried to go our separate ways after a while, but Clem and Fetch were not having it. Looks like we have some unexpected company, for now. #art #myart #inktober2020 #inktober