How does one say Bolshevik and not mention Jew a single time. How does one take (((Antifa))) and Compare it to (((Bolsheviks))) without even a teeny peep about Jews. How can you even mention Communism or Anti-Fascist which are just other names for Bolshevik and Antifa... yet still not even the slightest about Jews. It is truly incredible how one can pull off such dishonesty and brand it as "Journalism". These Judeos literally worship these kikes. To where their gods are literally the Children of Satan and whoms name is obviously "he who shall not be named". They be better off worshiping Voldemort than this Judeo-Nonsense. Voldemort fought for good against this cult of (((Diversity))), (((Mongrelization))), and (((Faggotry))). Hail Voldemort. To hell with the jews and their pet darkness dindunuffins.