From Oct 16th, in case you missed it, as I did... "Federal authorities raided an electricians’ union headquarters in Philadelphia on Friday morning, which had a massive flag promoting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden covering the front of the building. The Local 98 electricians’ union—a chapter of the larger International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers—was searched by the FBI at 7 a.m. on Friday, according to Philadelphia news outlet Billy Penn. It remains unclear why the FBI raided the building, but the raid marks the second time that federal authorities searched the location since the union’s alleged corrupt activities came into view four years ago. In 2019, the Justice Department indicted Local 98’s union boss John "Doc" Dougherty Jr. on corruption charges related to the embezzlement of funds for personal use. Dougherty and his union engaged in highly overt political activism, spending millions on campaign spending and contributions to political candidates. The indictment notwithstanding, union officials maintained that Dougherty's arrest would not change the frequency of the union’s political activity. In February 2020, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers officially endorsed Biden for president—though over 1,200 members of the organization called for union leadership to retract the endorsement."