More Hollywood race-swapping

So Black Adams will race-swap another ginger for a black woman! Hollywood persists in totally removing all red-heads from all movies, systematically replacing them with black actors. In fact, they will race-swap almost every character and they will replace a woman who dressed as a man (because women were not seen as fighters, in the 1930s) with a transgender 🙄 Which has been proven to be such a box-office magnet ... NOT! Clearly, whoever does this is not interested in making money. It's only about promiting cultural Marxism and yes, that's a thing and it is not just a term used by Nazis: "Feminism, gender studies, critical race theory, post-colonialism, disability studies—these and other disciplines routinely get pulled through one or more of the theoretical paradigms I’ve outlined. The fact that they’re guided by Marxism or adopt Marxist terms and concepts, however, does not make them off-limits or unworthy of attention. Which brings me to a warning: Condemning these ideas as forbidden, as dangers that corrupt young minds, might have unintended consequences. Marxist spinoffs must be studied to be comprehensively understood. Don’t remove them from the curriculum: contextualize them, challenge them, and question them. Don’t reify their power by ignoring or neglecting them. Popular iterations of cultural Marxism reveal themselves in the casual use of terms like “privilege,” “alienation,” “commodification,” “fetishism,” “materialism,” “hegemony,” or “superstructure.” As Zubatov wrote for Tablet, “It is a short step from Gramsci’s ‘hegemony’ to the now-ubiquitous toxic memes of ‘patriarchy,’ ‘heteronormativity,’ ‘white supremacy,’ ‘white privilege,’ ‘white fragility,’ ‘and whiteness.’” He adds, “It is a short step from the Marxist and cultural Marxist premise that ideas are, at their core, expressions of power to rampant, divisive identity politics and the routine judging of people and their cultural contributions based on their race, gender, sexuality and religion.” For all we know, at this point, China financed and pushed this agenda as a method to destroy western culture. They took over where the USSR left off - the subversion of western culture, as explained by Yuri Bezmenov, a soviet defector, in 1984: