There are ALWAYS those that can see the truth, and are not afraid to speak. These words from 1980... and now we can no longer hide from this truth. If they do not want to play fair, do not play with them until they do. Don’t vote: Or if you do vote, cast a vote of NO CONFIDENCE. Every ballot should have a place to vote no confidence... let us count up those votes shall we. People think voting is the way to change things; the opposite is true. The way things are now, there is no point in voting, so everyone should stop voting until the system is changed. Think about it, has any REAL fundamental, necessary changes come from either of your choices Paper (democrats) or plastic (republicans)? Voting has been in decline for a long time, because people know it does not matter; they subconsciously know the game is fixed. There's a reason 'they' tell you to go vote. Voting has become our tacit compliance, our participation in a system that has enslaved us. Voting for our own slavery, that is the ultimate social engineering trick. It is the ultimate mind manipulation. And the controllers, those social engineers (dark occultists), laugh hard at the ignorant masses every election cycle. It's all a massive carnival show, and the freaks, unable to resist the freak show, show up every time to cast that slavery ballot right into that slavery box. #truth #covid1984 #freedom #greatspirit #occult