Dear Senator, A request on a disturbing reality of our time. Taxation of income versus corporations. Corporations pay 292 billion out of 3.8 TRiLLION dollars.. That is awkward less than 7 percent once you count government give back programs. WHY do we need corporations that do not pay even 8 percent of the government budget Since you gave them the majority of the stimulus money and stuck individual tax payers with the bill please consider removing all stimulus money from corporations that do not hire Americans. I am disturbed that the covid virus has destroyed small businesses at the benefit of major corporations. I do not see corporations benefiting society at present and would like their tax exemption removed and their profits taxed. The exemption taxation would be nice to hear that corporations need to tightening their belt to allow more people to work versus less.I would also like to see monopolies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and other major companies broken up for the good of both the US worker. Why is it the Microsoft has a 10 billion dollar military contract in yet outsources to India? Those are good jobs that need to be for US citizens. That is US tax money and not fair to have some VISA H employee taking US tax money to work while unemployment is so high. Why is it that Apple products are made in China not the US? Stop the US government from purchasing foreign products until US citizens are working again. WHY send money to the country that caused this issue? I hope at least one other person asks their senator to stop paying US tax money to non citizens and hire citizens.