Day 148 of "peaceful protests" Ah shit... Here we go again... #Philly Philadelphia, PA earlier - large objects lobbed at Police Officers https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1320981478931525634?s=19 Video of the police vehicle that was set on fire in Philadelphia by BLM rioters. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1320982164180103169?s=19 Another car on fire in #Philly Philadelphia, PA https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1320985311543918594?s=19 Reparations, apparently. https://twitter.com/stillgray/status/1320986389576511488?s=19 Gamestop looting #Philly Philadelphia, PA https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1320986427891408896?s=19 Complete chaos in Philadelphia right now. https://twitter.com/MarinaMedvin/status/1320930413578211328?s=19 Bell Apothecary broken into #Philly Philadelphia, PA https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1320988206754533378?s=19 Jews For Trump Hold Massive Rally in New York City, Defy Cuomo and de Blasio left get Violent https://djhjmedia.com/kari/jews-for-trump-hold-massive-rally-in-new-york-city-defy-cuomo-and-de-blasio-left-get-violent/ T-Mobile being ransacked. #Philly Philadelphia, PA https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1320991836026982400?s=19 T-Mobile Store #Philly Philadelphia, PA https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1320993194583048194?s=19 Trying to bust into another pharmacy #Philly Philadelphia, PA https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1320994413758144513?s=19 It's 4:00am in Philadelphia, and locals are rushing to board up their businesses and security is standing guard. It's incredibly sad that Philadelphia government isn't helping its own city. These are OUR American cities, not BLM's or the Democrat's who are currently in power. https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321000915428466688?s=19 Peaceful protests always start at 1am. #Portlandprotests https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321002268477378560?s=19 Aftermath of some of the looting in #Philly Philadelphia, PA https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321004156656644097?s=19 Portland https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321004889800011776?s=19 Longer clip with them approaching the Portland Police vehicle, they may have hit the car. #Portland https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321006987534987266?s=19 Ted Wheeler doesn't even live there anymore, but the Portland kids still need to march by at nearly 2:00am so they can chant "fuck Ted Wheeler" at the building. #Portlandprotests https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321011150004387845?s=19 Antifa rioters in Portland tonight confront police. They met up at midnight to support the BLM riot in Philadelphia. https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1321008074321129474?s=19 Ted Wheeler doesn't even live there anymore, but the Portland kids still need to march by at nearly 2:00am so they can chant "fuck Ted Wheeler" at the building. #Portlandprotests https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321011150004387845?s=19 Fucking love it, this is EXACTLY what Oregon needs rn. While the state may erase the ability to see pictures of people who allegedly committed criminal offenses, at the same time, it makes doxxing someone in Oregon illegal. Antifa's gonna throw a fit. 😎 https://twitter.com/PortlandBang/status/1320947240194560002?s=19 Earlier in #Philly - Highway (476?) blocked for street show (because justice and stuff) https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321016351410929666?s=19 #phillyriots #Philadelphia #phillyprotests Footage of when an officer is hit by a truck. https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321017508179173376?s=19 Earlier in #Philly, vehicle as it was being lit on fire Philadelphia, PA https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321017934571974656?s=19 I really want to include this Antifa teacher trying to indoctrinate a child: Leftist Teacher Makes Kid Stay After Class To Grill Him Over His Admiration For 'Racist' President Trump Pt.1 https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321019690513276933?s=19 Leftist Teacher Makes Kid Stay After Class To Grill Him Over His Admiration For 'Racist' President Trump Pt.2 It’s long. The entire video is here: https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321019757940908033?s=19 Thread: #Philadelphia #phillyprotests #phillyriots Recap of what happened last night Pt.1 https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321024825280913409?s=19 Philadelphia, PA earlier. Aftermath of what streamer says was an explosive device that was used on a building to try to gain entry. People still stand in a completely smashed out business down the street as the streamer walks by. #Philly https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321024961688018949?s=19 Philadelphia https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321026105487228935?s=19 #Philadelphia #phillyprotests #phillyriots Footage of looting Pt.1 https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321028136428064769?s=19 #Philadelphia #phillyprotests #phillyriots Aftermath footage of a bank and pharmacy that were broken into and looted last night. https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321035727707295747?s=19 #Philadelphia #phillyprotests #phillyriots Some looting continues into the early morning Pt.1 https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321040374853521408?s=19 #Philidelphia #phillyprotests #phillyriots Close up footage of Philadelphia police vs rioters last night. https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321044967591186434?s=19 #Philadelphia #phillyprotests #phillyriots More footage of the Philadelphia police vs rioters from last night https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321046447312306177?s=19 #Philidelphia #phillyprotests #phillyriots Footage of the police cruiser set on fire https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321050348296044545?s=19 Philadelphia police arrest 91 people during violent riots after shooting of armed Black man; 30 cops hurt https://www.foxnews.com/us/violent-clashes-break-out-in-philadelphia-after-police-fatally-shoot-man-with-knife-report #Philadelphia #phillyprotests #phillyriots -More footage of the police vs rioters -Police cruiser on fire with the fire department trying to put it out https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321068941511446529?s=19 Protesters raid shops, ATMs after Philadelphia police shooting https://www.foxnews.com/us/protesters-raid-shops-atms-following-police-shooting-of-philadelphia-man Mayor DeBlasio, the members of the NYPD are declaring war on you! We do not respect you, DO NOT visit us in hospitals. You sold the NYPD to the vile creatures, the 1% who hate cops but vote for you. NYPD cops have been assassinated because of you. This isn’t over, Game on! https://twitter.com/SBANYPD/status/1226622830244171781?s=19 #Philadelphia #phillyprotests #Philly #phillyriots Footage of rioters vs Philadelphia police. 30 officers were injured last night during the rioting and looting. Pt.1 https://twitter.com/tr00puRR/status/1321076759148855296?s=19 Protests flared across Italy against a new round of government restrictions aimed at protecting public health. Violence was reported in at least two major northern cities, Milan and Turin https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/1321082974280974338?s=19 Pasadena, CA - BLM showed up to a "Coffee with Cops" community event to offer them soup cans. Real cute. Like anybody believes their tired "soup for my family" line anymore. https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321174376255868930?s=19 Pasadena Police left when BLM came to harass them at their "Coffee with Cops" event. Gee, I wonder why. These people seem totally normal and not belligerent. BLM ruins everything. https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321174420883263488?s=19 So apparently BLM accused Police in Shelby Township, MI of strip searching a woman in the back of their police cruiser. Dash cam shows a different story. Why must they always tell such big lies that can immediately be proven wrong? #Detroit (via Fox2) https://twitter.com/KittyLists/status/1321176073011294209?s=19 Family Dollar in west #philly https://twitter.com/aishahhasnie/status/1321143379980439552?s=19 Owner says these looters weren’t seeking justice, they were looking for Nike’s. #Philly #WalterWallaceJr https://twitter.com/aishahhasnie/status/1321128048595525632?s=19 The store was looted in May. They had just restocked and reopened 3 weeks ago! Now they won’t be able open for Thanksgiving/Christmas shopping season. #Philly https://twitter.com/aishahhasnie/status/1321126330218483712?s=19 Oregon Man, 18, Faces Federal Charges For Attacking Deputized Officer With Umbrella During Riot https://breaking911.com/oregon-man-18-faces-federal-charges-for-attacking-deputized-officer-with-umbrella-during-riot/