HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP BOMBSHELL! - MEDIA IN DENIAL AS VIDEOS, EMAILS & TEXTS EXPOSE CORRUPTION & ABUSE 18 mins Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the bombshell information coming out of the Hunter Biden laptop leak as well as the release of blackmail evidence by the Chinese government. As the media continues to call the information "debunked," more information keeps coming out with confirmation by countless non-bias actors. Christiane Amanpour went as far as to say there was no evidence of any sort of corruption. There's literally a laptop filled with this information confirmed by the FBI. These people have got to be insane at this point to completely avoid obvious evidence of corruption. And not just that, the coverup of the abuse of children! Hunter Biden has photos of a topless girl who is underage and likely related to him. There are sex tapes, there are thousands of pieces of evidence. To say it doesn't exist and that there is no evidence is beyond cognitive dissonance. In this video we break down some of the latest news and report on the news the mainstream REFUSES to report on. #worldalternativemedia #news #msm #runcover #bidencrimesyndicate